Misspelled Brand Names and Other Strategies

Posted by Sharla Allison On October 10, 2014 0 comments

Some of the most popular brand names in America today can certainly make an English teacher cringe in embarrassment: care for some Froot Loops?

Some of these brand names are the results of actual, accidental grammar and spelling errors during their infancy. Instead of correcting them, however, managers decided to use them to their advantage. Many others were deliberately misspelled for marketing purposes (risking the ire of every English teacher). This technique is called sensational spelling, and it has worked for many brands.

According to UCLA marketing professor Sanjay Sood, three key principles highlight the need for sensational spelling: memory, meaning, and legal protection. Companies want their brand names to be easily remembered and can instantly describe the product. They also want to own the rights to the nomenclature. It's a great strategy.

However, finding the right brand name is just one part of the process of branding. It is not only the name that must reflect what the product is about, but everything else connected to the brand. These include the logo, advertising copies, packaging designs, and websites.

Websites are the latest addition to marketing tools, along with other Internet marketing strategies. Their emergence has become a necessity, given the volume of Internet users that keeps growing by the day. Effective branding these days must account for websites and other Internet marketing tools as well, ensuring customer recognition, and building customer loyalty through effective and easy-to-use designs.


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