Mobile Web Design and SEO: Key Options for Small Business Branding

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Last April, Google shook up the Internet marketing landscape when they updated their search algorithms. The latest change saw the search engine start factoring in (the mobile adaptability of millions of) websites when determining a site’s search result ranking. The change was made in response to the growing number of web users using their tablet or smartphone as their primary web surfing device. In light of the change, business owners must now make sure their websites are mobile-friendly. Fortunately, business owners worried about how this update affects their small business branding have two excellent choices available to them when opting for mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly web design.

Physicians’ Small Business Branding Includes Safeguarding Reputation

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Physicians have undergone intensive schooling and training to be able to treat those who are sick. While efficiency and skills are paramount in their profession, so are ethics, sound values, and a good reputation. In fact, a negative image may be highly detrimental to a practitioner’s career. One aspect of small business branding, online reputation management (ORM) is meant to act as a shield against such problems. In an article for Physicians Practice, Dr. Michael Woo-Ming says that in this age of medical malpractice litigations, the last thing any practitioner wants is to have to rebuild their practice back up from nothing even when allegations are proven false. That’s why it’s worth an effort to enlist marketing and branding specialists like those at All Digital Branding.

Why Social Media Is Important to Medical Practices

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Social media plays a profound role in society as it gives people a voice to discuss virtually any topic they want. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter facilitate people’s decision making, from planning a vacation in Mexico to finding local services for heating and air conditioning.

Medical practices can use social media to their advantage by engaging users in need of assistance or discussing preventative measures for certain ailments. Building and maintaining a solid social media presence in a place like Visalia, CA (with a population of over 100,000) can encourage more people to use your services in the future.

Building Trust

Social networking sites can help organizations build trust within their local communities. Social media provides a platform on which to engage potential clients and establish that trust. Put simply, people are vastly more inclined to utilize a brand that gets frequent stellar reviews on social networking sites.

Inspires Personal Interaction

For many users of social media websites, the experience of interacting with an organization is akin to a personalized experience. Instead of treating every client as just another statistic, providing a certain level of interactivity makes the user experience more connected and personal. This connectedness inspires confidence that your practice is more centered on the well-being of others and entices clients to use your services.


Local Marketing Unites You with Your Customers

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Not long ago, most big brands heavily focused on national and global marketing. Recently, however, more top brands are concentrating their efforts locally. These brands have found that in today's ever-evolving digital world, the ability to stay connected to customers and become part of their community is more important than just blasting audiences with non-relevant advertising.

In Visalia, there are thousands of businesses vying for the same customers. How can you ensure your company is the first one that Visalia residents think about when shopping around? Local branding and marketing are the keys to this strategy.

One of the best ways to show your business enjoys a strong reputation within the community is to highlight fresh, positive reviews from consumers. The Internet makes shopping around and comparing reviews easier than ever before, so to really make your company stand out, be sure to professionally and politely respond to both positive and negative reviews. This shows that you care about what your clients think and will go the extra mile to provide them a positive experience with your brand.

Finally, keep in mind that consistency is always a major factor when it comes to branding. Any type of content you put out there – product descriptions, social media pages, company description, logos, images, videos, and more – should, therefore, be aligned with your overall brand identity.

Small Business Branding: Strategies for Growing Your Market Reach

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If you have just set up a business, such as a dental office, you will have to devote significant time and resources to marketing to potential patients. Small business branding has to do with several aspects, chief among them brand recognition and credibility. Here are some online branding strategies worth considering. Sell a message If you try to push a hard sell through website content, potential customers may deem your website less credible than one that offers more balanced content. Instead, push a message that will attract customers. U2 front man Bono's Product Red and the HIV/ AIDs fundraising campaign is a good example of this. By expressing support of a worthy advocacy, i.e. children’s health, consumers get the sense they are also supporting a worthy cause and consequently form a positive impression of your brand.