Small Business Branding Essentials Include Proper Mobile Optimization

Posted by Sharla Allison On November 11, 2014 0 comments

In looking at today’s so-called “Web Boom”, one can readily identify a rising trend: mobile web browsing. Gone are the days when people could only access the Internet from computers; nowadays, they could fulfill their web surfing needs on handheld devices like phones and tablets. Alongside this trend, transactions, like payments and purchases, are now also done on a wide scale basis through the Internet.

Making Your Practice Stand Out from Competition

Posted by Sharla Allison On November 5, 2014 0 comments

There’s no denying that dental care is vital to overall health. With so many dental practices in any given town or city, though, dentists may struggle to attract enough customers to keep their business afloat.

Hence, differentiating yourself from the pack becomes a vital aspect if you want to stay in the game. In other words, branding is key. To help you make a distinguishable and memorable brand, heed these tips: